Retro Fitness first location was opened more than two decades ago. Its main focus at that particular time was to offer its members with a unique service that offered results in the quickest time possible. Over the years, the fitness center has become a powerhouse in the fitness world with over 140 locations in the US. Retro fitness base their popularity strategy on low costs to members despite having very advanced equipment and facilities. If you are looking to join Retro fitness you have come to the right place, below you will find Retro fitness prices as well as information about their free trial and what you need to do to join.

Below are the latest Retro Fitness membership fees


Retro Fitness Prices and Amenities

Retro Fitness membership prices vary depending on the payment plan an individual member decides best suits their fitness needs. Currently, Retro Fitness members can choose between the Monthly and Annual Payment plans that are further categorized into the single club and All club Access. Retro Fitness membership costs range from $19 to $39. This fitness center is ideal for a no frills type of person. The gym is also equipped with state of the art equipment that is comparable to a variety of high-end fitness centers. Apart from advanced equipment member get to access a cardio movie theater that allows the members to work out while staying entertained. Members also get access to an app that monitors their fitness level and progress. Each location has Childcare facilities for parents frequenting the center.

Retro Fitness Free Trial and how to Join

Retro Fitness offers first-time visitors with a free trial. To access this guest pass, you will have to fill out an easy online form. If you are interested in becoming a full member, you can visit your nearest Retro Fitness center with a Valid Id, credit or debit card for plan payments and fill in informational details. You could also register online through their website which is a much quicker option. Retro Fitness costs include a $19 -$99 deposit fee depending on the membership package you choose. Only Annual All Access membership plans have a membership cancellation fee.