The Little Gym was founded back in 1976 as an initiative to help children’s in their early physical development stages. These particular classes are focused on encouraging physical development in young children who in the long run benefit from an active involving environment. This gym offers programs that include games for children that enhance their balance, flexibility strength and coordination. Apart from physical development, it also offers classes that help them express themselves better. If you are interested in having your child join The Little Gym you have come to the right place, below you will find The Little Gym prices as well as information on their free trial and what you need to do to get your children enrolled.

Below are the latest Little Gym membership fees


The Little Gym Prices and Amenities

The Little Gym membership prices vary depending on the membership plan that you feel is best suited for your children. Currently, Little Gym members can benefit from a Monthly payment plan that is categorized further for One Child and Two Children respectively. The Little Gym costs range from $79.99 to $142. The Little Gym over the years has proven to be a better choice for child care compared to your average daycare. It is much more affordable and offers a variety of skills to children. Children get to enjoy a night out, host parties, get involved in structural, physical activities, motor skill evaluation among others. According to the Little Gym, children who attend their classes experience a growth in memory, processing speed, and decision making.

The Little Gym Free Trial and How to Join

The Little Gym offers a free trial class for the first-time guests. In case you need one, you will have to call and reserve a spot for your child. If you are looking to get your child membership, you could visit your local center with your child, credit or debit card for plan payments and fill out an informational form. You can also register online through their website. The Little Gym costs do not include an initiation fee. However, cancellation fees vary depending on the payment plan.