Fit Body Boot Camp was first opened in 2008 in California. This fitness boot camp gained so much popularity that after the first few months of its launch, seven more locations were opened. This fitness center has become a hit due to its reasonable pricing and fitness techniques they imply. The fitness center currently has over 300 locations worldwide and is one of the fastest growing fitness centers in the industry. Fit Body Boot Camp’s objective is to introduce 20% of the population into fitness and healthy living, a goal set to be achieved by 2020. In case you are interested in joining Fit Body Boot Camp, you have come to the right place, below you will find Fit Body Boot Camp prices as well as information on their free trial and what you need to do to join.

Below are the latest Fit Body Boot Camp membership fees


Fit Body Boot Camp Prices and Amenities

Fit Body Boot Camp costs are reasonable and flexible earning it its vast popularity and making it an ideal center for those who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health. Currently, Fit Body Boot Camp offers two membership price plans; Monthly and Annual membership. Fit Body Boot Camp membership costs range from $197.99 to $2825.99. Fit Body Boot Camp is a pocket-friendly option for those looking to improve their fitness or lose weight. Once you are a member, you benefit from personalized routines and training sessions that are specialized to meet your fitness goals and needs. Fit Body Boot Camp also incorporates unique programs to assist members to gain their fitness goals without injury or pressure.

Fit Body Boot Camp Free Trail and how to Join

Fit Body Boot Camp offers a 3-day free trial. This offer is only available for first-time customers. Fit Body Boot Camp costs include a $99-$199 deposit fee. Cancellation fee varies depending on the condition of termination and membership plan. In case you would like to sign up and join the Fit Body Boot Camp, you can check out your local center, along with ID, credit or debit card that will be used to make your desired plan payment and fill out an informational form. You could also check out their website and signup online; this is a much easier process that takes approximately 15-20 minutes.