Equinox fitness club first opened its doors to its members 1991 in New York. This fitness club became an immediate hit because of its luxury fitness experience trend for members who wanted more amenities in a fitness center than the average gym offered. Equinox has opened several locations in the United States including Boston and Chicago. Equinox fitness also offers its members with several exciting packages including Blink Fitness, and PURE Yoga. In case you are interested in joining Equinox Fitness you have come to the right place, below you will find Equinox fitness prices as well as information on their free trial and what members need to do to join.

Below are the latest Equinox fitness membership fees


Equinox fitness membership costs vary depending on the membership plan a potential client decides to choose. Currently, Equinox fitness members are able to choose between Monthly and Annual membership plans that are divided into Premium and Basic rates making it much more affordable to members. Equinox Fitness prices range from $143 to $2340. Equinox has made a name for itself in the fitness community of being a gym that caters to individuals who are interested in having a high-end workout experience. Members have full access to a luxurious fitness experience with state of the art equipment and amenities. Members get to access Pilates, Boxing Studio, personal trainers, Jacuzzis, Steam baths, dry care centers, juice bars and concierge services.

Equinox Fitness Free Trial and how to Join

Equinox fitness offers a free trial to potential members offering them the chance to check the Equinox experience firsthand. In case you would like to sign up for a free, all you need to do is check out their website or walk into your local Equinox center. Signing up for membership isn’t a hard task either, you could either signup through their website or physically walk into their offices at your local center. You will need to tag along with your ID, debit or credit card that will be used to make your plan payment and fill out an informational form. Equinox costs do not include a deposit or cancellation fee.