Curves for Women is a women’s fitness center popularly known by its members as “Curves.” This fitness center was founded in 1992 in Texas and is focused on offering a specialized workout for women in a comfortable female environment. The main objective of Curves during its inception was to make it easy for women to lose weight while still improving their overall health. Curves currently has over 3000 locations in 80 different countries. If you are looking to join Curves you have come to the right place, below you will find Curves prices as well as useful information on their free trial and what you need to do to join.

Below are the latest Curves membership fees


Curves membership costs vary depending on the specific membership plan that you decide to choose. Currently, members are able to enroll for the Monthly membership plan and the Annual membership plan. Curves membership prices currently range from $34.99 to $549.99. An exciting part of Curves membership is that its prices don’t just cover for training but an abundant other fitness programs. The fitness center offers its members with workout programs that are designed specifically for women who are not in shape and have little experience getting in shape. Apart from training programs, members also get to access circuit training, personalized training, and a diet meal guide that is customized to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Curves Free Trial and how to Join

Curves fitness center offers a free no obligation consultation for potential customers. In case you are interested in accessing the free consultation you can check out their website and sign up or walk into your local Curves center. For membership, you can visit you nearest Curves center with your ID, debit and credit card that will be used to make your plan payment and out an informational form. You could also check out their website and signup online; this is a much easier process that takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Curves costs also include a $149.99 deposit fee; there are currently no cancellation fees.