CKO Kickboxing was born in 1997 after Joseph Andreula’s popular “Take it to the Max” workout program became prevalent among New Jersey fitness community. This fitness routine became so popular that by 2004 CKO was spread throughout New Jersey and New York. The fitness club currently boasts over 40 location throughout the US and has become the go-to fitness center because of its affordable pricing and advanced routines. In case you are interested in joining CKO Kickboxing, you have come to the right place, below you will find CKO Kickboxing prices as well as information on their free trial and what you need to do to join.

Below are the latest CKO Kickboxing fitness membership fees


CKO Kickboxing membership prices vary depending on the membership plan that you decide is most suitable for your workout needs. Currently, CKO Kickboxing members can either select the Monthly membership plan or the Annual membership plan. CKO Kickboxing membership costs range from $89.99 to $1079.99. CKO Kickboxing membership plans offer a unique choice of a long or short term plan. This will help your personal trainer decide your training pace in regards to your fitness goals and payment plan. CKO Kickboxing sessions include a thorough warm-up, full fitness workout, and a cool-down session. According to CKO Kickboxing, their full one hour sessions burns up to 1000 calories depending on the member’s ability to perform the routine.

CKO Kickboxing Free Trial and how to Join

CKO Kickboxing club offers free trial classes for potential members. In case you would like to access the free trial class, you will need to arrive 15-20 minutes before scheduled class time. You will need to first register before getting an orientation. The CKO Kickboxing free trial class is only available for first time CKO guests only. Signing up to be a full member at CKO Kickboxing is an easy task, all you need to do is visit your local CKO Kickboxing center with your ID, credit or debit card for your plan payment and fill out an informational form. CKO Kickboxing costs also include a $49.99 deposit fee. In case you want to cancel membership, CKO Kickboxing has a cancellation fee of $199 to $399 depending on your membership plan.