Anytime Fitness Membership

Anytime fitness was first launched in 1983 and immediately became a hit due to its unique trend of staying open 24 hours a day and on major holidays. The fitness center still maintains its 24 hour and major holiday rule to date, making it a favorite in the fitness community. Anytime Fitness boasts about over 1900 locations worldwide and is known for encouraging its members to create a workout schedule routine targeted to achieving personal fitness goals. In case you are looking to join Anytime Fitness you have come to the right place, below you will find Anytime Fitness prices as well as information on free trial and what you need to do to join.

Below are the latest Anytime Fitness membership fees


Anytime Fitness membership costs vary depending on the membership plan that you decide to choose. Currently, members at Anytime fitness center are able to choose between Monthly membership and Annual membership. Anytime Fitness membership prices range from $38.99 to $659.99. Apart from benefiting from the huge bargains, Anytime Fitness members have access to a wide variety of amenities. Members have access to any of their fitness centers in the world. Some locations have tanning facilities, personal training, basic exercise routines, and effective workout sessions among others. Anytime Fitness club also offers its members with clean changing facilities, security that also includes one-touch emergency alerts.

Anytime Fitness Free Trial and how to Join

Anytime Fitness club offers a 7-day free trial guest pass for potential customers. In case you would like to sign up for a free trial, all you need to do is check out their website and fill in your details. You could also visit your nearest Anytime Fitness center and enroll for a free pass. In case you want to sign up for membership, all you need to do is visit your local center with a valid ID, debit or credit card to make your payment and fill out an informational form. You could also check out their website and signup online; this is a much easier process that takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Anytime Fitness costs also include a $49-$99 deposit fee; there are currently no cancellation fees.