American Family Fitness is a Richmond Virginia based fitness centre that has been in operation since 1988.  This family fitness centre has nine locations with seven of them in Richmond. The American Family fitness gym is popular for proving quality services to members looking to get fit. It’s also an ideal gym because it offers great offers for families, couples, government employees and even senior citizens! In case you are looking to maintain your overall health, introduce a healthy lifestyle to your family or tune your competitive edge, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find American Family Fitness process as well as information on their free trial and what you need to join.

Below are the latest American Family fitness membership fees


American Family Fitness Prices and Amenities

The current American Family fitness costs range from $49.99 to $239.99 depending on the plan you decide to choose. The American Family Fitness prices are classified into two plans, the Monthly membership costs, and the Annual membership costs. Members benefit from one-hour consultation with a certified Professional Trainer, Aquatics, Advanced facilities such as Functional Movement Screening, Kid zone centre, Court Sports and an 8-week course that specialises in educating members on the fundamentals of successful exercise programs. The best thing about the American Family fitness centre is that members get access to a variety of services and facilities that are aimed at full filing each member’s particular fitness goals.

American Family Fitness Free Trial and How to Join

American Fitness centre offers potential members with a one-week free trial pass. In case you would like to access American Family fitness free trial, you can visit their website and fill in your details. The American Family fitness membership costs require that you pay a $49.99 deposit depending on the fitness plan you choose. In case you would like to cancel your membership, members are required to fill out a Request to Cancel form and submit the forms to your local American Family fitness centre. To sign up for membership, potential customers can visit their local American Family fitness centre, and tag along with their ID, debit or credit card for their membership payment. Online registration is also available and takes approximately 20 minutes.