24 hour fitness is the largest privately owned chain of fitness centres that boasts of over 400 clubs across the US alone. 24-hour fitness was first opened in 1983 as 24 hour Nautilus. Apart from being the largest owned fitness centre, it was known for its marketing campaigns that once featured Arnold Schwarzenegger among other fitness personalities. In the 90s, 24-hour fitness centre gained popularity by expansion through acquisition of other popular gyms, making it a household name.

The fitness centre also became popular because of both price and convenience. In the early 2000s, the fitness centre teamed with NBC to produce a popular reality TV series prevalently known as “The Biggest Loser.” This fitness centre owes its success to decades of operation, national recognition and endorsements from fitness gurus.

Below are the latest 24 hour fitness membership fees

24 hour Fitness Prices

Due to its convenience and reasonable pricing this fitness centre has stood out as an ideal gym for individuals who want to get in shape while accessing state of the art facilities. Apart from having advanced equipment, 24 hour fitness members can enjoy group classes with the help of certified professional personal trainers, who also ensure the members are on a strict personalised nutrition guide. Members have access to saunas, scheduled massages, whirlpools and heated pools.

24 hour fitness prices are flexible, making it easy for members to find a fitness membership price that is suitable for their workout needs. Unlike a variety of gyms, this fitness offers a free three-day membership that offers new members a chance to try out the different services and facilities before they enroll for a paid 24 hour fitness membership plan. Once you have reviewed the 24 hour fitness membership costs and have picked out the plan, you can decide to pay monthly or prepaid for up to three years. 24 hour fitness costs range between $29.99 Sports Loyalty Premium to $1,246.17 which is a three-year membership prepaid that includes personal training and all access membership and club benefits.